Meet Ms. Melissa Griffin

Meet Ms. Melissa Griffin

Meet Ms. Griffin, who serves both SMS and SHS as a Visual Arts Teacher for grade levels 8th through 12th grade. Ms. Griffin is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused in Digital Media and Drawing

-How many total years have you been teaching? 

"This is my first year teaching!"

-Where did you grow up?

"I grew up in Mont Belvieu, Texas and went to Barbers Hill for all of my school life."

-What is your favorite hobby?

"I cannot pick one single favorite but I enjoy reading books and manga, drawing (obviously), writing stories, working on comics, and watching animated shows."

-Favorite type of Food?

"I love macaroni and cheese especially cooked with my own recipe."

-Describe your Dream Vacation!

"I would love to revisit Aomori, Japan sometime and live for a while in the countryside. It would be great to go on hikes, visit spas and historical sites for some wonderful photography opportunities. Plus, the food is amazing so I would love to have some time to really enjoy more of the seaside restaurants with fresh fish!"

-What are you most looking forward to your journey at SMS?

"I set out to become an art teacher because I wanted to provide a class that was an escape for the imagination and the stress that middle schoolers and high schoolers face. I hope to cultivate my classroom to be that place for my students at SMS so they can express themselves in a safe and fun environment."

-What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know about?

"I play Dungeons and Dragons monthly and I’m a dungeon master for my own campaign."

-Any advice for our Students at SMS? 

"You know your worth.

Don’t let anyone else take that away with petty words and drama.

Just be you and the real ones will stick around for it."

Meet Ms. Melissa Griffin